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ALRIGHT! Just officially popped this blog's cherry ~

Seriously, I've had this account for over a year and NEVER used it. Needless to say, that has now changed.

I'm probably going to post my fanfiction updates on here, because I need a place to rant about them and nobody really cares.

So here's the updates (no icons, sorry).

Only Time Will Tell
Dr. (Robert) Bruce Banner x Reader
Summary: You'd been working at Stark Industries for so long you were considered part of the furniture. But in all your years, you never expected this.
0/25 uploaded

Various Prompts
Reader x Various
Summary: Various prompts for various characters.
0/? uploaded

Phrase Prompts
Reader x Various
Summary: Various drabbles based off prompts
0/? uploaded

Lessons For Romantics
Seto Kaiba x Reader
Summary: Ten drabbles for our favourite blue eyed CEO.
1/10 uploaded - Requires beta

Basil x Reader
Summary: Ten flowers. Ten meanings. Ten ways to show his love.
0/10 uploaded - Requires beta

Song For Every Occasion
Light x Reader
Summary: A song for every moment of your life with the infamous Light.
0/? uploaded - Requires beta

24 Hours A Day
Reader x Various
Summary: You can get a lot done in a day.
0/24 uploaded

Because Every Time
Reader x Original/Unknown
Summary: You knew the outcome would be the same, yet you always convinced yourself otherwise.
Complete - Requires beta

La Mia Piccola Zucca/My Little Pumpkin
Reader x Reborn
Summary: Because life's complicated enough without his input.
0/? uploaded

50% Of The Gene Pool
Reader x Various
Summary: With fathers like these, who needs enemies?
0/11 uploaded - A series so will update when fics within it are fully complete

Untitled Fic
Reader x Vince Masuka
Summary: Given the choice between this and photographing blood splatter, he'd take the splatter any day.
0/23 uploaded

Untitled Fic 2
Doctor x Reader
Summary: Time travel was simple compared to this.
0/23 uploaded

Untitled Fic 3
Dr. Cortex x Reader
Summary: Perhaps his greatest invention of all.
0/23 uploaded

Untitled Fic 4
Reader x Mayuri
Summary: An experiment even he didn't know the outcome to.
0/23 uploaded

Untitled Fic 5
Reader x Reborn
Summary: You should have expected it, given your relationship.
0/23 uploaded

Untitled Fic 6
Reader x Seto
Summary: All the money in his world couldn't compare to this.
0/23 uploaded

Untitled Fic 7
Reader x Mordin Solus
Summary: The only reasonable explanation is that you were heavily under the influence when questioned.
0/23 uploaded

Untitled Fic 8
Reader x Tony x Pepper
Summary: The consequences were obvious, yet you didn't care. The pain was worth it for their joy.
0/23 uploaded

Untitled Fic 9
Reader x Dr. Banner
Summary: The biggest risk of all is even riskier in regards to your partner.
0/23 uploaded

Untitled Fic 10
Reader x Shinji
Summary: Let's hope that smile is genetic.
0/23 uploaded

Untitled Fic 11
Reader x Gokudera
Summary: The smoking would have to stop. That was a definite.

I also wish to participate in the following challenges at some point: #1 Ultimate Avengers Challenge (Only Time Will Tell), Baby on the Way (50% Of The Gene Pool), Creative Dates, Childhood Memories, Comfort Food and Daddy Dearest.


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